Transitioning 2: From Team Leader to Manager

You’ve been successfully juggling the demands of leading a small team for a couple of years: setting tasks and reviewing objectives; dealing with personnel issues such as lateness and under-performance.

You’ve learned how to adapt your style and approach to suit the personalities of your team members. You’ve done all this while doing the day job – your own tasks.

You’ve noticed something else too. Your manager has been delegating more tasks to you that are not in your job description. She is giving you some of her work to do. Then, after three months, she calls you into her office and announces she is leaving for pastures new. You are being promoted. You promptly accept.

You move from leading a team of six to running a department of 25 and are likely to meet some or all of the following challenges:

  • The role is less tangible
  • You will be communicating and influencing in a wider circle (more often than not through people rather than directly)
  • There will be work - meetings! - with other functional leaders
  • You may become responsible for the budgets and / or the P&L for your department
  • More HR issues – such as appraisals – will cross your desk (you will probably need to employ more coaching and training skills than hitherto)
  • Depending on the size of the organisation, you might be responsible for translating business strategy into functional operations

So how do you manage this change and how do you work out how much of your valuable time to invest in each new area?  Well you'll need a good plan.  Having support and input from a third party (a coach) can help you put an effective plan in place. Together you can work out how to manage the day to day demands of the new job and make sure that your focus is in the right place.

Coaching, Planning, New ManagerUndertaking some coaching sessions can greatly assist your successful transition during the first three to six months and will help you:

  • Let go of the previous job
  • Understand the business context
  • Identify key priorities
  • Build a strong team
  • Create a support network
  • Learn quickly
  • And develop the relationship with your line manager

If you are going through a transition at work, maybe now is the time to consider receiving some 1:1 coaching for yourself?  Here at Crisp we offer a range of different types of coaching (Read about the different styles of Coaching here).  

We also have a dedicated team of coaches, each with their own approach and style, one of whom is sure to be a fit with your own personality and requirements.

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